Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 2008 Surf City Lifestyles E-Newsletter

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July 2008 Newsletter - Part A

July 2008 Newsletter - Part B

Dear Newsletter Reader,

In the interest of your understanding more about our BY REFERRAL ONLY business, we’d like to explain how our newsletter works. While most real estate agents are only interested in completing a transaction with you, we want to be your consultants for life: Someone you can turn to for advice on the best route to take regarding your home needs; someone who offers you referrals to other companies that provide world-class service; someone with suggestions on where to get a particular product or service.
We’re constantly looking for information that we believe would be valuable to our clients. This information might help you improve your financial, social or work life, or it might show you how to improve your perception of life. We never use that information with the intent of making a profit from someone else’s words.
We do not actually write many of the articles that appear in our newsletter. If we spent the amount of time it would take to write new and interesting articles every month, we’d have little or no time to give you or our other great clients great service for your real estate needs. There are a number of interesting pieces on the Internet, some of which occasionally appear in our newsletter. Many of the pieces do not give credit to the original author, and it’s often impossible to track down exactly who made a particular statement or wrote a particular article.
We try to make our newsletter interesting and informative so you’ll look forward to receiving it each month, and so our name will be foremost in your mind should you need help with something. We hope you’ll read and enjoy our newsletter for what it is: an informal means of communication that keeps us in touch with our clients and friends.
Your real estate consultants for life,
Raymond & Stephanie Louison

The Louison Team
RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

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