Friday, October 26, 2007

Our 24-hour Toll-Free Information Hotline

Obtain current information without any of the usual hassles!
Simply call our 24 hour Toll-Free Information Hotline!

Buyers can receive pre-recorded information on any of our listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without having to talk to an agent.

Obtaining current information on homes listed for sale is often a huge hassle. Either you get the run around while tracking down the agent or - just as bad – they go right into an unwanted sales pitch and then ruthlessly hound you until they sell you something! doesn't have to be so difficult!

You see, our homes all have pre-recorded information which you can access immediately by simply calling our 24-hour Toll-Free Information hotline.
This is great for everyone involved. First of all, our experience shows that when homebuyers don't have to deal directly with an agent, many more of them will call in for information on homes. If you're selling, that's really good for you because your home will receive mush more exposure to many more prospective buyers.-
And it's really easy and convenient for buyers too. You can call anytime, day or -night, and never have to never have to speak directly with an agent (unless of course you want to).

15842 Redlands, Westminster, CA
Here all about this wonderful 4 bedroom executive style home.

1-888-845-4240<Ext. 86220

10386 Truckee River, Fountain Valley, CA.

Here all about this wonderful 3 bedroom townhouse.

1-888-845-4240<Ext. 86180

27705 Falkirk, Mission Viejo, CA

Here all about this wonderful 3 bedroom townhouse.

1-888-845-4240<Ext. 86210

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